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Mobile Spy recently released a new iPhone tracking app that can allow LIVE tracking and surveillance to be used on an iPhone with the newest Mobile Spy tracking app installed. The new software, (named Mobile Spy LIVE) is, in essence, an add on module to go with the already existing iPhone tracking app from Mobile Spy. This includes the phone tracking features that are already with Mobile Spy’s well known tracking app, and additionally, it includes the brand new features that are on the newest mobile spy LIVE add on module.

Here is an overview of what Mobile Spy LIVE is, and what does it do.

iPhone Tracker Panel

MOBILE SPY LIVE – What Is It and What Can It Do?

Mobile Spy LIVE is the new extension to the Mobile Spy iPhone tracker. When using Mobile Spy LIVE, you can execute LIVE surveillance and tracking using virtually any cellular phone with the Mobile Spy and Mobile Spy LIVE extension modules installed. Here’s a brief rundown of the general features included.

  • LIVE Surveillance – Wish you could spy on an iPhone screen to be able to view all the apps in current use? Mobile Spy LIVE allows you to precisely do just that… impressive! No other iPhone tracker will allow you to view the touchscreen on the iPhone you want to spy on, only Mobile Spy LIVE can do this! This iphone spying method is pretty simple. All you need to do is just log on to your Mobile Spy LIVE online control panel, and then you will have the ability to view screen shots of the user’s iPhone, which are updated in 90 second increments. I repeat, Mobile Spy LIVE is the ONLY iPhone tracker that allows you to do this, it really is an incredible feature! Of course, it would be even more convenient if you could see the screen updates every 2 or 3 seconds, but this would exhaust the battery power pretty fast. In order to preserve battery life, the Mobile Spy team developed the optimal settings so you could spy on the iPhone screen efficiently, but without draining power too fast.
  • LIVE Tracking – Before Mobile Spy LIVE was around, the data for a GPS location would record about once every half an hour. But with the new Mobile Spy LIVE feature, you can get GPS location info right away, so you will know the precise location of the person using the iPhone at all times. The Mobile Spy iPhone tracker is the only app of its kind that features this kind of tracking info in real time. And get this – as soon as your Mobile Spy account gets notice that the GPS logs have been recorded, you can see the LIVE tracking info conveniently laid out in map format… how cool is that?
  • SMS Commands -The SMS commands let you execute a wide selection of actions that allow you to have tighter control on whichever iPhone you’re spying on. These commands let you perform different useful actions like retrieve GPS location info, make a call or SMS, or lock the phone altogether. As a handy security feature, you can get the latest info from the SIM card on the iPhone in the even that it’s been lost or stolen. Plus, you can wipe the phone’s memory from a remote location, and lots more.
  • Email Delivery – One of the awesome features of Mobile Spy LIVE is the ability to have all the information recorded from the iPhone e-mailed to. This is handy because it saves you the time and hassle of having to log in to your Mobile Spy account every time you want to see what the iPhone tracking recorded. If you’re not able to log on to the internet at all times, this feature is definitely comes in useful.

To sum up, the LIVE tracking and LIVE surveillance features are ONLY found on the new Mobile Spy LIVE add on module. You won’t be able to find similar features anywhere else!

MOBILE SPY and MOBILE SPY LIVE is The Dynamic Duo!

If you want to grab your own Mobile Spy LIVE add on module, you have to buy a copy of Mobile Spy AND the Mobile Spy LIVE add on module. The price is $129.97 for a 1 year license of the Mobile Spy and Mobile Spy LIVE add on combo package.

WHERE TO BUY: www.mobispyphone.com

For those of you who are not familiar with Mobile Spy’s iPhone tracker, here is an introduction:

iPhone TrackerMobile Spy (www.mobispyphone.com) is an iphone tracking app that is designed to help people find out the truth about anyone, whether it be your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, employee, partner or child, via monitoring their iPhone activity. The program designed by Mobile Spy is 100% automatic after a simple installation. It’s also 100% undetectable and 100% safe and legal to use.

Mobile Spy will let you log in from any computer with internet access and monitor any smart phone on real time. After installing it on any iPhone that is then given to an employee or family member of yours, you can keep track of what is being done with it remotely from your computer.

Mobile Spy’s iPhone tracker has the following features:
iPhone Tracker Features

  • Stealth GPS Tracking: Want to know where an iPhone is located at a certain time? No problem. This feature will get the job done. Every thirty minutes, Mobile Spy records the GPS locations of the phone and uploads it. The location is then linked to a map, which makes it easier to view and pinpoint and location.
  • Read Incoming & Outgoing Messages: Every text message, whether it was sent out or received, can be found in your Mobile Spy account… REAL TIME. It doesn’t matter if the text messages are deleted. This iPhone tracker will even show you the full text.
  • Read Call Logs: With this iPhone tracker, you can see all of the numbers that the target iPhone has called and which phone numbers have called them. Moreover, Mobile Spy will tell you how many calls were made for each number and how many calls were received as well. The time stamp and duration of the calls are also recorded. Yes, nothing would be left unturned or unchecked. You can even see if the name is saved in the iPhone’s memory!
  • View Web Browser History: If you are suspecting that your teens are not using the phone’s browser in a wholesome way, the URL logging capability of Mobile Spy will answer your question! It will log all of the URLs that the user has visited. It doesn’t matter if they clear the history of the browser. You will know if they are viewing something that they shouldn’t!
  • View Photos & Videos: Mobile Spy uploads all of the photos & videos that are sent or received on the phone. It is automatically saved to a safe and secure web server. From there, you can easily view them and see if there’s something ‘inappropriate’.
  • View Contact List: Every single contact number in the phone is registered! It even accounts for the new ones added so you are NOT left in the dark.
  • Calendar Events: Every calendar event is logged. Date, time, and locations are recorded.
  • Read Emails: Want to know who your employees or kids are exchanging emails with? No biggie! Just like the text message tracking feature, Mobile Spy will track each and every sent and received email – the full texts, the attachments, etc. Nothing will be hidden from you when you have this iPhone Tracker.
  • 100% UNDETECTABLE: You can do all these spying without being detected! There is no sound, icon or anything at all in the target phone. No chance they will find out this iPhone Tracker is on their phone. Mobile Spy is 100% undetectable!

Why Use iPhone Tracker?

Everyone will have their own reason for wanting to purchase iPhone Tracker online. Here are the most common reasons.

1) Catch Cheating Spouse: Mobile Spy iphone tracker is a fantastic way to catch a cheating spouse. Find out where they go, who they are exchanging text messages with, and who they are calling. Mobile Spy gives you an easy (and very affordable) way to catch a cheating spouse versus spending thousands on a private investigator.

2) Monitor Employees: It’s quite common for your employer to monitor your PC. In fact, its become quite the norm these days. Now that more and more business is conducted on smart phones that employers now want to extend their monitoring to company provided cell phones. With Mobile Spy, employers now have a low cost way to monitor employee cell phone use.

3) Monitor Teens/Children: Using Mobile Spy iPhone Tracker, parents now have a way to monitor their children’s iPhone use to look for signs of improper behavior.

4) Phone Protection and GPS Tracking App for iPhone: The number of lost and stolen mobile phones has reached staggering levels. People carry mobile phones with them everywhere they go, increasing the chances of loss and theft. In today’s digital age most of the time the data contained on cell phones includes sensitive corporate information and personal identity. This information can be illegally used by anyone before you know it. So to protect your identity, personal data and precious phone, Mobile Spy iPhone Tracker is ideal for you.

iPhone Tracker Compatible With Nearly All Smartphones

iPhone Tracker Compatibility

Mobile Spy works with almost all smartphones. The system is compatible with Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS smartphones. Mobile Spy is now also compatible with the Apple iPad! For iPhone, the iPhone must be jailbroken which is an easy and legal process. An Internet connection is necessary on the device for data to upload to your account. Don’t worry, if in case you can’t use it in your target phone, you can get a 100 % refund easily.


  • The cost for the Mobile Spy & Mobile Spy LIVE add-on combo pack is only $129.97 (1yr license).
  • Mobile Spy is available as an instant download over the Internet, so you can start using it immediately.
  • BONUS: FREE Sniper Spy PC spy software (Includes remote installation, live PC monitoring, & more) with purchase of Mobile Spy’s 1yr license.

WHERE TO BUY: www.mobispyphone.com

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Why Mobile Spy is The Best iPhone Tracker App?

Being the first ever software to monitor iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile devices, Mobile Spy’s iPhone Tracker sets the global standard. The difference is in years of research and improvement of the program. The program has gained major media attention from dozens of radio stations, magazines and websites all over the world. Keep reading for more reasons why you should choose Mobile Spy’s iPhone Tracking App.

  1. The ONLY Live Control Panel – Mobile Spy’s LIVE Control Panel is the first of its kind. By adding this option you can view the phone’s actual screen and current location LIVE on a map. Also, you can remotely control the device and obtain phone information instantly. Mobile Spy is the first to offer these features!
  2. SniperSpy included for FREE – When you purchase an annual subscription to Mobile Spy’s iPhone Tracker, you also receive SniperSpy for FREE. Remotely monitor your smartphone AND computer from anywhere by purchasing your annual Mobile Spy subscription today. You can cancel further billing anytime.
  3. Trust the ONLY Secure Control Panel – Other iPhone Tracker Apps leaves your sensitive data open to outsiders. without taking regard for your need of confidentiality. Mobile Spy’s Online Control Panel is the ONLY secure control panel in the industry. Don’t trust your sensitive data to a non-secure system!
  4. Trust a US based company founded in 2003 – By purchasing from an established company that has been creating spy software products since early 2003, you can rest assured you will receive professional grade software and service. Don’t trust inferior products such as e-stealth which don’t live up to their claims.
  5. Monitor multiple phones – If needed, you can use your single Mobile Spy account on up to three phones WITHOUT purchasing additional licenses! Mobile Spy also offer discounts for corporate customers needing to monitor large groups of phones. Simply request a quote from Mobile Spy’s iPhone tracker support section.

How Does iPhone Tracker Work?

This new technology might sound complicated but the process is actually quite easy using our online User Guide and other documentation. Below you will find a summarized version of how the entire process works. Remember, Mobile Spy works on many platforms including BlackBerry and iPhone!

Here is an overview of the entire process:

How Does iPhoneTracker Work

All you need to do is create an account and login at www.mobispyphone.com

When you have properly installed mobile spy’s iPhone tracker on the targeted cell phone, then you can spy on the activities made on that iPhone. Here is a screenshot of how the results look before viewing them in Google Maps.

iPhone Tracker GPS Logs Screenshot

When you click on the “View Map” link in the far right column, you will then be redirected to Google Maps that will display the GPS coordinates as shown below.

iPhone Tracker Google Maps

To give you an example of how one would look, here is a snapshot of Mobile Spy’s iPhone tracker user interface.

iPhone Tracker User Interface

Does iPhone Tracker Work In My Country?

It works in any part of the world and supports all languages. If you can use an iPhone in your country, you can install iPhone tracker on it and monitor it. Basically, an Internet connection is all you really need, as long as the Target phone has an Internet connection to upload the captured data to the web account, and as long as it can make and receive standard SMS and phone calls to/from the Monitor phone, everything will work in all countries.

How Do I Receive The iPhone Tracker App?

In order to use Mobile Spy services you need to sign-up (Click here). Once your purchase is complete you’ll receive an email with all of your account details, including the website address to download the iphone tracking app from. You can download the tracking app directly into the Target phone at any time. Please make sure that email from mobile spy are not sent to your junk or spam folder.

iPhone Tracker App Download

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy way to spy on an iPhone, you should consider using spy phone software such as SpyBubble. Here’s a list of iPhone tracking software vendors. Visit:


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    April 15, 2012 - 9:22 pm | Permalink

    can you let me know when your software will be compatable with the iphone ios 5.1? I would love to use this siftware for tracking my childs text messages. But currently your not compatable.

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    April 16, 2012 - 11:27 pm | Permalink

    Mobile Spy’s iphone tracking app is currently not compatible with Apple’s latest iOS 5.1 operating system at this time. However, it will be available on iPhone iOS 5.1 soon.

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