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Would you like to know how to track an iPhone? There are lot of rumours about iPhone on the internet which you might have come across that generally says, “iPhones cannot be tracked at all”. This is not true. As a matter of fact, there are lot of apps on the internet that help to track an iPhone. Good thing is, most of the apps are free. Bad part, you cannot trust those free apps blindly. They may track your phone logs and the developer will have the full access of your iPhone, which is not a good thing. Is it?

Track iPhoneSo, how to track an iPhone secretly? On this page, we are going to discuss about different methods & a software that helps to track an iPhone. Let us have a look at the details of the software, and then tracking different features of an iPhone.

How to track an iPhone with Mobile Spy?

You got it right. The software we are going to discuss about is, Mobile Spy ( Mobile Spy software, a proud release from Retina-X studios allows anyone to track an iPhone. When we say tracking an iPhone, it’s not just the GPS data we are going to track. You will have a complete control of the iPhone you are tracking down.

Files in the iPhone, Call logs, Messages being sent & received, other information such as internet usage, etc. The best part is, you don’t need another iPhone to track one. You can login online through a SSL secured login panel from any computer to track the details of an iPhone.

What if you don’t have access to a computer? Don’t worry about it. In fact, forget about the computer totally. All you need is a web browser to login and access the data. You can do this with a simple mobile which has a web browser. You can download Opera Mini web browser to your phone in no time.

Annual subscription for the Mobile Spy software costs $99 approx. The price is quite cheaper considering its features & when being compared with other software in the market.

When you google for “how to track an iphone”, you will certainly end up with lot of  spy software advertising at cheap prices. Do not be price-biased to choose a software, especially when it comes to a spy software. Remember, you are putting your valuable information & login details at risk.

With Mobile Spy (, you will have access in real time. In simple words, you will get every second updates. Once you install the software in the mobile, you can login to your control panel & access the details of the iPhone you are tracking, from the server.

What else makes Mobile spy’s iPhone Tracker different from other paid software?

  1. You will get complete online support – You can talk to the customer support executive 24 x 7 thru LiveChat. You can get assistance from the experts for any of your queries
  2. Guidance – You will get documentation along with the software + the knowledge base, which you can access anytime when you’ve a question about working with the software.
  3. FREE SniperSpy – With Annual Subscription, you will get free SniperSpy. This will help you getting access of the websites visited by your kids, documents operated, files checked, changes made, applications executed, keystrokes, passwords. In other words, A to Z activities in the iPhone.
  4. Online Demo – Before purchasing the software, you can make use of the Live Demo on the official website. This is helpful to see the features you can enjoy with the software, before subscribing
  5. Plans – Mobile Spy has different subscription plans. You can pay $49.97 for a quarter & use the software to see how things go with you before going for annual subscription

With Mobile Spy, your search for how to track an iPhone must have come to an end.

How to track an iPhone –  Recording Calls with Mobile Spy

Install Mobile Spy in the iPhone you want to record calls for. As we have seen before, you will have every second updates tracking the phone. So, once there is a call made you will be notified about it. You can start recording the call, if you want. It’s that easy with Mobile Spy.

How to track an iPhone – Tracking the Location

We all know that GPS facility in iPhone is quite good. Once you install Mobile Spy software in an iPhone, you will have complete access to the GPS data. So, you will have complete information about the location of owner of the iPhone. This is a lot more helpful if your mobile spy installed iPhone got stolen.

Here is a an overview of both Mobile Spy & MobiStealth. Have a look at their features, and decide which one bets matches your needs. Good luck!

Mobile Spy iPhone Tracker

PRODUCT: MOBILE SPY iPhone Tracker Software

  • Stealth GPS Tracking
  • Secretly Read Incoming & Outgoing Text messages
  • View Deleted Call Logs
  • View Photos
  • View Browser History

HOW MUCH: $49.97 – $99.97

MobiStealth iPhone Tracker

PRODUCT: MOBISTEALTH iPhone Tracker Software

  • Secretly Record Calls
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Read Incoming & Outgoing Text Messages
  • Read Emails
  • Secretly View Call Logs
  • Stealth GPS Tracking
  • View Photos

HOW MUCH: $49.99 – $199.99


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    February 2, 2012 - 11:35 am | Permalink

    I will like to know if I could track a phone if I don’t have it with me? R do I have to instal the program on the phone I want to track ?

  • 2
    March 30, 2012 - 9:39 pm | Permalink

    i dont have the i phone with me,can i do it from my p.c to the i phone?
    how would i download mobilespy from my p.c to i phone?
    can i do it by the i phone telephone number?
    could you help with this matter please.
    from marcel.

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